University of Art is one of the developed and accredited universities in Iran which is devoted to art, with hardworking and friendly faculty and staff who are working in a pleasant environment, and doing their best to enhance and spread arts, and prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s carrier and promotion.

Numerous alumni of the University have become some of the top celebrities of the country and in some cases in the world. They have won many awards in most of the Iranian and the world art festivals either as students, faculty members, or as alumni. Searching for finding and understanding the connection between science and the arts, has always been one of the pivots of University of Art. University of Art was founded in 1979. The main goal of this university is training academic staff of universities as well as researchers required for universities and higher education centers.

It endeavors to provide an environment to promote a high level of professional preparation and performance for students various backgrounds and areas. The central campus of the university is located in Bagh-e Melli,Tehran. Libraries, computer centers, sports halls, restaurants, and several dormitories are among facilities of the university.

University of Art is committed to excellence in research, and the belief that student learning involves one of the distinctive features of its educational experience. We are certain that doing research joined with teaching and learning, managed inside a community such accomplishments are appreciated equally for their own sake, and for the advantages they carry, is what illustrates a university.

Moreover we value the formation of a learning community in which students can interact with a wide range of fellow students and staff different cultures and backgrounds. We aim to offer our students the academic and personal development prospects that will prepare them to respond to the intellectual, social and personal challenges that they will come across during their lives and careers.

Now University of Art is making further investments to expand its international links to recruit students and staff across the world. Just in my second year as President, our faculty members, staff, students and alumni have clearly articulated their desire to build on Art’s unique capacity to excel in order to achieve an extraordinary future. So, we hope to highlight the impact of critical social issues, the sharing of ideas and challenges, and discuss strategic plans to maintain vibrancy of this institution. Working together, we are certain to achieve a truly extraordinary success. I look forward to welcoming you to our university and wish you success in your academic endeavors. 

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Gholamreza Akrami, Ph.D



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