President's Office

Dr. Leila Kokabi


Tel: 98-21-66734000-1 (Ext: 202)

Fax: 98-21-66734002


This office is responsible for coordination between various department and office of the University. Also the decisions made at different meetings and councils are both announced to the target group and also followed up and supervised to make sure that they are appropriately put into effect.



Public Relation

Dr. Masoud Soflaei


Tel/Fax: 98 21 66726318 (EXT: 224)


Parts of Duties and Responsibilities Include:

• The PR Office informs the public on the progress of the University

• Compiles the publicity and ceremonial policies of the University

• Holds press conferences; prepares the daily news bulletin

• Maintains and updates the audio-visual archive

• Performs the programs related to the visits and reception of domestic guests

• Creating bilateral relations together with making use of appropriate values and mechanisms.

• Preparing reports of social and administrative changes in the organization and presenting consultation and expert opinions through taking poll.

• Preparing, and implementing advertising plans and schedules, and administering the affairs related to conferences and seminars.

• Creating relations with the mass media, inviting journalists, and holding press conferences in order to spread the news concerning the important events of the university.



Address: # 56, Sakhai St., Hafez ave. Tehran 1136813518, Iran
Tel : ++9821 66733401-5
Fax : ++9821 66728000