Vice Presidents:


Vice- President for Academic and Graduate Studies

Dr. Naser barak pour


Tel: 98-21-66726315

Fax: 98-21-66726315


This office is responsible for planning and designing educational programs, expanding and improving graduate and postgraduate course, assessing teaching staff and students and approving administrative principles for developing academic affairs in the university.

Part of the duties and responsibilities includes:

• Supervising the coordination of all educational activities

• Studying and making decisions about educational issues in collaboration with other relevant authorities

• Monitoring the implementation of educational laws and regulations

• Supervising the implementation of programs and educational activities of faculty and affiliated entities

• Checking cases related to promotion and dispatch of faculty members

• Following issues related to the development of academic programs




Vice- President for Research

Dr.Pavin Partovi


Tel: 98-21-66727943

Fax: 98-21-66727943


This vice-Presidency is responsible for the management and improvement of research activities conducted by academic staff as well as graduate students.

The office is also responsible for the establishment of joint scientific activities between university researchers and industrial centers. Besides, the office provides facilities, especially financial support, for the participation of the academic members in local and international conferences. It also manages the conduction of research projects of the faculty members and these of graduate students. Sabbatical

leave of the University of Art professors is also managed by this office.

Part of duties and responsibilities Includes:

• Performing necessary investigations and Making decisions for research activities

• Carrying out the necessary studies regarding evaluation of research activities and evaluating the annual research performance of the university

• Contacting the National and International institutes to cooperate in research activities and sharing scientific services

• Cooperating with other institutions to perform scientific, cultural and social services, handling seminars and scientific conferences and carrying out all kinds of research and service contracts

• Cooperating in setting up short-term research programs for non-academic institutions

• Supervising all research affairs, libraries and information databases in the university

• Establishing the university research goals and priorities within long-term and short-term programs to be brought up in the university council for research




Vice- President for Student Affairs

Dr. Mitra Habibi


Tel: 98-21-66734005

Fax: 98-21-66734005


The responsibilities of this office include all studentservices. This office provides comprehensive, quality student learning support services. Through a diverse set of programs and services, students are assisted in acquiring for success in the university as well as insights that facilitate life-long learning, and a sense of personal and interpersonal competencies.

Duties and Responsibilities Include:

• Preparing various programs in the field of Student Affairs

• Implementation of policies and guidelines regarding the Affairs of the welfare and dormitories

• Arrange necessary programs regarding proper communication between faculty members and students

• Controlling for students refund loans

• Performing the affairs related to repayment loan to Students welfare cash credits

• Getting the budget for student loan, including education, housing, marriage, housing deposit, loan for student insurance and tuition loan

• Supervising the administration of self-service and student dormitories in terms of quality and quantity, nutrition and environmental health

• Reflecting student comments and suggestions to the university authorities

• Planning in order to get students involved in various affairs

• Supervision and coordination of all student affairs in the Faculties and educational Groups

• Performing other affairs related to student management




Vice- President for Administration and Finance

Dr. Mitra Habibi


Tel: 98-21-66734008

Fax: 98-21-66734008


The administrative and financial system of the university is headed by this Vice- Presidency through the cooperation of the following 3 main sections:

a) Budget and planning office

b) Administration office

c) Finance office

These offices are responsible for supervision, implementation and coordination of financial and legal affair related to the University and University staff.




Vice- President for Culture & Social Affairs

Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi


Tel: 98-21-66477857

Fax: 98-21-66498198


The office of Vice- President for Culture & Social Affairs works on creating opportunities for students to have a relationship with other students, faculty members, and staff. Through social events and activities, the office seeks to build a stronger community and help students to build the meaningful and long lasting relationship with colleagues.

Part of duties and responsibilities includes:

• Administrating all cultural and social affairs of university

• Studying and solving student’s problems and difficulties and adopting necessary policies and strategies

• Supervising cultural, social and political activities of university and their continuous evaluation and correct analysis

• Supervising and evaluating all the units under the deputy’s office

• Planning and supervising the execution of extra-curriculum activities in order to have more brilliant intellectual, cultural and revolutionary activities for the students

• Making grounds for enrolment of resourceful manpower including professors

• Expanding the sincere relationships among the university forces and supervising the joint programs like conservative meeting between the professors and the students

• Compiling, preparing and proposing various cultural and social by-laws with the cooperation of relevant authorities and supervising their good execution.

• Performing all the issues set in the regulations of the university and guidelines of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

• Improving the interaction of teachers, student.


Address: # 56, Sakhai St., Hafez ave. Tehran 1136813518, Iran
Tel : ++9821 66733401-5
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