Office of Security


Mr. Abdolreza Nouri


Tel: +98 (21) 66403825

Tel: +98 (21) 66973759

Fax: +98 (21) 66476790


Parts of Duties and responsibilities:


• Planning, organizing, supervising and directing all security activities and measures

• Best practice advice on crime prevention and detection

• Notifying security orders to the subordinate offices and the administrative units

• Provision of a crime/incident reporting system

• Responding to calls for service, provision of routine patrols, checking, locking and unlocking buildings

• Investigation of complaints in relation to staff, visitor and student behavior and disciplinary proceedings

• Management of keys, including the ordering, cutting and supplying, for the whole of the University

• Take the necessary measures in case of accidents and inform the authorities immediately

• Receiving and registering the necessary measurements regarding the classified and keeping them in one place

• Receiving, registering and maintenance of the university confidential documents and correspondences

• Create an atmosphere of trust, respect and empathy among the officials, staff and campus

• Effort to establish a secure environment at university with an emphasis on Islamic valuable doctrines and laws

• Collection and analysis of news and information (political, cultural, economic and social) in order to provide advice to officials of the University