Academic Calendar

The educational program of University of Art is based on semester pattern. Each academic semester last for 17 weeks, which means that in each term, students work intensively for tutorials, practical classes, and attend lectures.



Late September- Mid January


Beginning February – Mid June


National Holidays:


- Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, February 11

- Nationalization Day of Iranian Petroleum Industry, March 19

- Norouz( Beginning of the Iranian New Year) , March 20-23

- National Day of Islamic Republic of Iran, March 31

- Nature Day, April 1

- Demise of Imam Khomeini, Founder of the Islamic Revolution, June 3

- Commemorate of the “Fifteenth of Khordad Uprising“, Jun 4


According to the Islamic events, there are also 15 holidays each year, which are shifted depending on lunar calendar.