The educational system throughout the country as well as University of Art is based on “unit” system, and credits are awarded on a semester basis. Admission for Bachelor, Master, and P.h.D. degree is through the entrance examination which is held simultaneously in all universities within country, every year. Then all applicants who successfully passed the entrance examination will select their field of study for future.



Admission of Non-Iranian:

General Conditions:


1- Non-Iranian applicants, who passed their education courses in educational institutions of Iran, are required to complete high school diploma or pre-university degree, BA, or MA degree, to continue their education respectively in BA, MA or Ph.D.; and applicants, who got their diploma from their own country, are required to pass Persian language and pre-university in Persian Language Center of Imam Khomeini International University, or any center which is approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. 


Note A:  Diploma degree which is gotten in Iran is required to have high school diploma, besides the degree of pre-university of the new system or high school diploma of previous system.

Note B: Applicants, who educated abroad, are required to get approval of representative of Islamic Republic of Iran, from their own country.


2- Financial ability to pay the full tuition of the university and submit a written related commitment.


3- Meeting the other requirement of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and also acceptance in the interview of the university.


4- In order to evaluate the Applicants’ Forms, 30 euros, should be paid to:

University bank account: 2177419003007, Melli Bank, Code 60


Specific Conditions:



  • Applying for a Bachelor’s Degree:

Having high school certificate or diploma, with minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 10 out of 20.

  • Applying for a Master’s  Degree:

Having a B.A or BSc degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 12 out of 20.

  • Applying for a Ph.D Degree:

Having an MA or MSc degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 14 out of 20.


2- Meet the requirements of admission, according to the announced documents of Education Assessment Organization of Iran.


3-   Passing remedial courses, or pre- university at the discretion of the university. 


Required Documents for Registration: 


  • Completed application forms (available at:
  • Three copies of applicant´s passport or Identification card.
  • Applicants’ official transcript of records, and detailed scores, translated into English and their copies which are signed and sealed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Degree of passing Persian Language, and its copy
  • Bank receipt of the money, paid for investigation of the case, and its copy


Tuition Fee of University of Art for International Students


(Bachelor Level)

Tuition Fee

Fees in Euros

Invariable Tuition


Each General Unit


Each Specialized Unit, Based On Theoretical Lessons


Each Specialized Unit, Based On Practical  Lessons, and Workshops


Each Final Project Unit



- Remedial courses, for the same courses on the above table, cost the same.


(Master Level)

Tuition Fee

Fees in Euros

Invariable Tuition


Each  Course Unit


Each Dissertation Unit



- Cost of remedial courses is half of the variable tuition fee of the above table.


(Ph.D Level)

  • According to the approval of board of trustees, tuition fee for this level is sixty six million Tomans.


Other Cases:

  • Rate of non- educational services, such as dormitory for singles, and meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), for each level, in each semester is received separately.
  • Educational suitability of these applicants is completely according to the regulation of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. 
  • Admission of qualified applicants is after approval of documents by Department of Non- Iranian Students’ Affair, after interview, and consent of Educational Council of University. And sending of documents doesn’t make a right.
  • The incomplete documents will be rejected, and money deposit won’t be refunded, and submitted documents won’t be returned.


It is necessary for applicants to send the copy of the required documents, in one package, to the email address of (, first. If the applicants are qualified enough, they will be contacted by a call or an email.


Application Form (English)

Application Form (Farsi)

Non-Iranian Applicants