Office of International Affairs


Dr. Neda Amiralaei


Tel: +98 (21) 66722361

Fax: +98 (21) 66700494



Office of International Affairs of University of Art is working under the direct supervision of the president of the University and its main activities are as follows:


• It provides opportunities for faculty members to use scholarship or participate in international conferences, seminars and workshops.

• Holding seminars and scientific conferences and invite the local and international scientific and artistic authorities to participate in them.

• It also establishes links between University of Art and other Iranian universities, foreign universities,  research institutes and centers, for more flourishing Intellectual , cultural and artistic activities.

• Planning for grant program and scholarship for applicants of inside or outside the country in order to introduce scientific aspects of Iranian’s arts, and provides opportunities for Iranian students who are interested in studying arts, abroad.

• Confirmation of academic degrees for applicants