Vice-President, Social & Cultural Affairs



Dr. Majid Salehi


Tel:  +98 (21) 66498198

Fax: +98 (21) 66498198

The office of Vice- President for Culture & Social Affairs works on creating opportunities for students to have a relationship with other students, faculty members, and staff. Through social events and activities, the office seeks to build a stronger community and help students to build the meaningful and long lasting relationship with colleagues.


Part of duties and responsibilities includes:


• Administrating all cultural and social affairs of university

• Studying and solving student’s problems and difficulties and adopting necessary policies and strategies

• Supervising cultural, social and political activities of university and their continuous evaluation and correct analysis

• Supervising and evaluating all the units under the deputy’s office

• Planning and supervising the execution of extra-curriculum activities in order to have more brilliant intellectual, cultural and revolutionary activities for the students

• Making grounds for enrolment of resourceful manpower including professors

• Expanding the sincere relationships among the university forces and supervising the joint programs like conservative meeting between the professors and the students

• Compiling, preparing and proposing various cultural and social by-laws with the cooperation of relevant authorities and supervising their good execution.

• Performing all the issues set in the regulations of the university and guidelines of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

• Improving the interaction of teachers, students and staff and planning to use the full facilities of the university