University of Art

The University of Art is one of the accredited universities in Iran. Some parts of this university were established in 1979. Then in 1991 five different institutes of arts combined together and University of Art was founded. This is the largest comprehensive universality in Iran which is devoted to the art fields. In 1979 after reorganizing five formerly independent institutions: The Conservatory of Music(1918), The Collage of National Music(1949), The Collage of Decorative Arts(1960), The Collage of Dramatic Arts(1964), And Farabi University(1975), it was formed as the Art Academic Complex, and in 1991, it was named as the University of Art.


University of Art is a major center for art education in Iran with an international reputation. This university has been pioneer in teaching so many of art majors in Iran and Middle East. University of Art has seven faculties and one international campus in Tehran and Karaj: Faculty of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts, Faculty of Theoretical Sciences and Art Studies, Faculty of Conservation and Restoration, Faculty of Cinema & Theater, Faculty of Music, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, and Farabi International Campus.


Currently there are 4590 full time students, 152 full time faculty members, and 330 part time professors in this university; with 21 majors in bachelor’s degree, 29 majors in master’s degree, and 5 major in PhD.

Faculty Members:

The highly qualified academic faculty of the university is a community of some tenured scholars, teaching and conducting in different study programs. These professors work in collaboration with colleagues from other leading Iranian universities.

University Presidents since Its Establishment to Present:


1- Dr. Mahmud Zarin Ghalam

2- Dr. Akbar Haj Ebrahim Zargar (1982-1985)

3- Mr. Abdolrahim Asgari (1985-1989)

4- Dr. Gholamreza Akrami (1989-1995)

5- Dr. Akbar Haj Ebrahim Zargar (1995-1998)

6- Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi (1998-2004)

7- Dr. Seyed Hassan Shahrestani (2004-2005)

8- Dr. Abbas Ali Eizadi (2005-2010)

9- Dr. Saeed Kashan Fallah (2010-2014)

10- Dr. Gholamreza Akrami (2014 to present)